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who we are

About Trophy Watch Company

Trophy Watch Company was founded with a simple purpose - to help you affordably dress better through smart design and innovation. We want to create products that inspire confidence so that you can be the best version of yourself. We’re a tightly knit crew of designers, artists, entrepreneurs and merchants all dedicated to making products that we ourselves love.

Our business model

We’re primarily an online-only business. One of the many benefits of this is that we can skip the big markup usually associated with selling products in a storefront or a department store. We have no store rent, we can buy our product in smaller quantities, and we can manage the entire experience from our little studio in Montreal. And sure, it means we never get to sleep, but it gives us a great advantage: we can offer a better price than our competitors and we get the opportunity to engage with each of our customers directly. 

Trophy Giving
Some of us have been touched by cancer in some way throughout our lives, wether it's a friend, loved one, or you personally. Those of us who have seen it can attest to the horrific nature of this disease. As a business we have the opportunity to make a difference in revealing the mysteries cancer, and as I watched my mother slowly deteriorate and pass away from cancer this year, I've made a pledge to do everything in my power to fight this awful disease.
As a business we are taking a pledge to donate a meaningful amount of all profits to fighting cancer, as well as work with other artists on projects where 100% of proceeds go towards cancer research and supporting cancer victims. We call this Trophy Giving.
Acknowledging the irony of these words: Every second matters. Every moment matters. Share it with those you love and hold them close. Together we will make a better world. 
Jeremy Stobo
- Trophy founder