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Trophy Giving

Our pledge to fight

Many of us have been touched by cancer in some way throughout our lives, wether it's a friend, loved one, or you personally. Those of us who have seen it can attest to the horrific nature of this disease. As a business we have the opportunity to make a difference in revealing the mysteries cancer, and as I watched my mother slowly deteriorate and pass away from cancer this year, I've made a pledge to do everything in my power to fight this awful disease.

As a business we are taking a pledge to donate 15% of all profits to fighting cancer, as well as work with other artists on projects where 100% of proceeds go towards cancer research and supporting cancer victims. We call this Trophy Giving.

Acknowledging the irony of these words: Every second matters. Every moment matters. Share it with those you love and hold them close. Together we will make a better world. 

Jeremy Stobo
- Trophy founder